Partner network

We are proud to have a strong network of partners. Our exponential growth is based on the focus on building a successful online marketing approach, our value added partners and participating in key talent platforms.

Value Added Partners

Our Value Added Partners are recognized as leading in their field of expertise. In order to help their customers with their HR challenges they offer integrated service solutions. To take it one step further, the majority of our VAP’s uses the Blue Carpet HR software as a vital part of their core offerings.

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Blue Toolhub Partners

The market is full of highly specialized HR tools that helps customers retain new levels of efficiency. Blue Toolhub is our own API based connector in which we disclose tooling providers for our own-, and our customer platforms. We want to give our customers the best experience possible!

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Our Resellers are focussed on bringing the Blue Carpet solutions to the market in high speed. At this moment in time our product can be found in webshops and in suitcases of large salesforces. So no matter where you look for our product, our resellers are there to help you.

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Embedded Partners

Best of breed is what a lot of our customers are demanding nowadays. As Blue Carpet we can not make it all ourselves. In order to deliver our customers a state of the art solution our software is in a lot instances connected with other HR software suites. In some instances our software even works as a default for our Embedded Partners.

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