Privacy statement Blue Carpet

How do we treat personal data we collect from our online visitors, prospects, customers, applicants and employees? As written in our privacy statement below.

Blue Carpet code of conduct

Anyone employed by Blue Carpet, both employees and sub processors knows and adheres to our code of conduct

  • We respect the data privacy of everyone we interact with.
  • We handle the data we receive with utmost care.
  • We prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing the data we process.
  • We do not collect more data than deemed necessary to reach the targets we have set together.
  • We do not store data longer than necessary or required by law.
  • Whenever we provide confidential data to our subprocessors or clients, we demand they follow the same code of conduct.
  • Whenever we collect data from a visitor/user or combine data from different sources, we will inform the user about the data being collected, the purpose and any advantages for the visitor/user in a clear and concise way.
  • We are transparent with regards to the data categories we process.
  • Whenever technically feasible, we provide the visitor/user the tools necessary to update, remove or export his data.
  • We provide, share or sell no data to any third party, unless we have explicitly asked for and got permission to do so.

About us

Blue Carpet Group B.V. delivers innovative software solutions within the rapidly developing Human Resources domain. Our products, such as HR Manager, Recruit MyProfile and MyProfile inCompany are used by individuals and companies to maximize the use of available talent. The core of our platforms is MyProfile, an online innovative personal profile.

Our office is located at Oude Utrechtseweg 16, 3743 KN Baarn, The Netherlands.

If you have any privacy related questions, please contact our Data Privacy Officer, Edwina Egger via or using phone number 035-6261466.

Via, you may submit a request to view, change and/or delete your personal data. When you suspect misuse of your data by us, you may issue a complaint via or to the Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens (authorities). Data privacy has the highest priority within the systems we develop. Therefore, if you suspect a security issue or if you have found a data breach, please contact us via

Of whom and why do we process personal data?

For various reasons, we process data belonging to different categories of people, including but not limited to visitors of our platforms, prospects, clients, applicants, employees and owners of a MyProfile profile.

We only share data with parties we contracted, unless we are bound by the law to do so. For example when a court order forces us to share data. Below we provide a non-exhaustive list of data we process.

  • We track how visitors are using our platforms via cookies and tracking codes in order to improve our website and the products we offer.
  • You can block any cookies and tracking codes (see Visiting our Websites)
  • If you, as a prospect, request information via our system, we will save the data you provided in our CRM system. We process this data in order to inform you about our products and services. If you cease to be a prospect or if there’s no more contact between us, we will remove your data after 2 years.
  • When you have subscribed to our newsletter, you can terminate the subscription via a link included in every newsletter.
  • If you become one of our customers, then we need to collect more information from you in order to fulfill our contractual and administrative obligations. We store this data for 7 years as is required by law.
  • As an applicant you need to supply the data we deem necessary to process and judge your application. If we reject your application, we will delete your data within 4 weeks after our final contact (unless you give us permission to store your data for longer, for example for future reference when we have a position available, in which case we store your data for up to 1 year).
  • When you become an employee at Blue Carpet we collect extra information from you we need to create the employment contract and fulfill the administrative obligations. This data will be removed 5 years after leaving Blue Carpet. We may have to store certain information for a longer period of time, for example information related to claims, audits and juridic and fiscal obligations.
  • When you create a MyProfile account you will have to accept a different privacy statement.

Website visitors

When visiting this website you receive functional, analytical and marketing cookies. Cookies are short textfiles that allow us to track how often and which parts of the website are visited, which devices are used to visit the website and from which IP-address. Using the cookie-popup you can get more information on the individual cookies, how long they are stored and how you can remove or block them.

Prospects and Customers

Via contact form submissions and other channels we receive personal data from employees and representatives of organisations.

This includes:

  • Name of the organisations
  • Name of the employee or representative
  • Function
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website
  • Tax number
  • Chamber of commerce number
  • IBAN number
  • Contact and phone logs

We store this information in the CRM system and financial administration of Blue Carpet and it is used in contracts. We do not share this information with third parties, excluding sub processors.

As previously stated, we store prospect data until 2 years after the last contact and customer data for 7 years after terminating the contract as mandated by the law.

Applicants and employees at Blue Carpet

When you apply for a job at Blue Carpet we process the following data:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • References
  • Contact and phone logs

The data is stored in the ATS system of Blue Carpet. If the application doesn’t result in a contract, we remove the data in 4 weeks, unless you give us permission to store the data. In which case we may store it for up to 1 year.

If you become an employee, then this data needs to be supplemented in order  to create a complete record in our personnel file. This may include:

  • BSN number
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your working permit or residence permit
  • Possibly copies of insurance policies, certificate and such
  • Current employment contract
  • References
  • Holidays and sick days overview
  • IP-address

You are responsible for the correctness and relevance of the data you provide us. The data is saved in a record in our personnel file to which only you and an authorised employee have access. We only record especially sensitive personal data when it is necessary to comply with regulations or when you give us permission to do so. Sensitive personal data includes data regarding race, religion, political opinion, health, sexual preferences, working union membership and criminal records.


We take utmost care to secure your personal data stored in our environments against unauthorized access by implementing an exhaustive list of organisational and technical measures. When we provide our sub processors with you personal data, we will hold them to the same privacy standards as described in the Data Processing Agreement we signed with the sub processor. Are you one of our customers, a Data Controller and is Blue Carpet one of your Data Processors? Then you have received either our standard Data Processing Agreement, or we have signed a custom Data Processing Agreement. Thereby, you are entitled to an appointment at Blue Carpet to review the data privacy and security policies we have implemented.


We are entitled to make changes to this Privacy Statement at any given time. The most actual version of the Privacy Statement is always available on the Blue Carpet website.

Version 2, mei 2018