We are Blue carpet, creators of HR Manager and myProfile-solutions. We are passionate about connecting the right talent and unlocking their full potential for all of our customers. Since our founding in 2009, we always have strived to maximize the impact of ‘human capital’ on the organizations of our customers.

About us

about us


Organizations are changing, careers are changing and so are people. Organizations are becoming more project based, more agile and more fluid. This brings us all new challenges on delivering on KPI’s, like:

  • Decrease of employee turnover
  • Decrease of time spent on hiring
  • Reduce time spent on administrative and compliance processes
  • Collect the value of engaged people
  • Collect the value of better goal alignment across organizations

As Blue Carpet we take a role in this changing world. We believe that our software should  facilitate the fuzziness of today. That requires reversed thinking, “people before process” and user experiences that match the expectations.

About us

Don’t we all want the perfect organization?

The C-suite and HR department have most of the time a different view on how HR and talent initiatives should be used to gain full workforce potential. The justification of talent investments and achieving bottomline results is what a lot of HR executives are dealing with on a day to day basis. We all want a successful business, passionated people, great leadership, collective growth and doing good. In order to facilitate change, Blue Carpet implements software based on the formula: quality x buy-in = impact! In other words, finding the right balance between adoption and business success.


Matching skills en expertise

A lot of companies are busy implementing large, global, ERP solutions to drive efficiency. At the same time organizations are forced to increase development speed, to be agile and to become more innovative. Can this paradox be bridged?

We make it easy to use software that puts the user at the center. With a user experience compliant with the latest standards, we facilitate flexibility, agility and we enable people to grow and shine. Essential in any case is to have the right knowledge, the right skills at the right place at the right time.

about us

What’s in a name?

Blue Carpet is recreating the way talent management software works, by creating great experiences and direct benefits for its users. We create the red carpet for blue chip talents.


Our history

Blue Carpet is founded

Through a management buy-out Blue Carpet is separated from Boer & Croon. Blue Carpet focusses on a community concept for contingent workforces.


Focus on software-solutions

Blue Carpet starts focusing on software development within the broader human capital domain. And defines its position as a tech startup.


Blue Carpet welcomes Walvis Participaties & USG People

Blue Carpet welcomes Walvis Participaties & USG People as shareholders. As a tech startup, Blue Carpet finds financial backing and distribution of its services.


Proof of concept

Launching platforms with impact. With projects like Tiptrack, KvK-connect app, Hallowerk and YTF is Blue Carpet nominated for the MKB Innovation top 100.


Transition to a product organization

With the acknowledgement of Blue Carpet’s scalable technology, Blue Carpet has created strong SaaS products.


Launch of myProfile

Wouldn’t it be great if everybody had his or hers own talent profile to learn, show and tell about his or hers talents? The fundament of alle Blue Carpet’s solutions has been launched with myProfile.


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