Blue Carpet enables organizations to grow talent in an easy and innovative way. Regular software focuses on improving the process, we focus on optimizing the result. We do this with cool software that gives the talent a central role in developing and showing their talents. Whether you have a recruitment issue or development issue, we are the innovative answer to your challenge!

Our products

Simple and direct employee performance management

HR Manager is our performance management solution. This solution allows organizations to conduct both conventional and innovative performance management cycles. Our solution is easy to implement and gives all users a user-friendly dashboard to get them through the performance management cycle. In short, we make one of the most inconvenient HR processes fun, easy and insightful!


Engage & activate employees by connecting them to internal job openings & projects

myProfile inCompany helps organizations to present all their internal opportunities to employees. Employees receive information on personalized internal job openings based on their preferences, skills & expertises that were not visible in the past! This will make your next great hire an internal one.


Connect and build a relationship with your future talents

With Recruit myProfile organizations can extend the employer branding with storytelling. Candidates who do not directly apply for a job can connect with the organization and follow your groups. With the connect & follow functionality a candidate portal can be created. In the market we are already used to provide candidates with a job alert, Recruit myProfile works the other way around, the organization gets candidate alerts. We are used to your career page and ATS. You will never run out of talent anymore!




Tiptrack is an employability app for the employee. With Tiptrack you measure, monitor and improve your wellbeing at work. Tiptrack provides a learning experience with the curation and discovery of all kind of content like tips, (skills) assessments, career management tools, and embedded support (eCoaching). Tiptrack is app-first developed, incredibly simple to use and meaningful for the user.

Tiptrack Blue Carpet

Make work life easier.

KvK Connect

The KvK Connect app offers independent workers a platform in which they can connect and engage with others and receive information about relevant topics. Mid-January, the Chamber of Commerce launched the app together with several freelance-organizations. “KvK Connect makes life easier for independent workers,” says Peter Bargon, director of the Chamber of Commerce.

KvK Connect

Match unemployed job seekers with employers.


HalloWerk offers un-employed job-seekers an innovative profile that gives them a competitive edge in their market. This platform has been set up by the four largest municipalities in the Netherlands (G4). The objective is to innovate the current service models, helping both unemployed job seekers and employers to find each other more directly. HalloWerk provides a realtime “spotlight” for matching.

HalloWerk Blue Carpet

Match job seekers with employers.


Young Talent Factory (YTF) is a platform where students and businesses can be matched easily. YTF helps students to find their dream job by organizing matching events and with their portfolio of talent services. YTF is also a mobile community and matching platform. Next to 1-on-1 coaching and workshops, you can actually apply for different type of student or starter jobs. Make your talent count!

YTF Blue Carpet

Get your dream job at YTF.


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